How Visibility and Clarity Can Increase Traffic and Customer Engagement by 145%

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This is a guest post written by Kyle Gray of Conversion Cake.
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Problem: new services page, a products page taking most of the traffic.

We were very excited to be working with ArmorActive. They had an excellent product and team working for them. ArmorActive sells enclosures for tablets; cases that can convert various kind of tablets into cash registers, interfaces, signs etc.  They were in the process of expanding on their offer by adding additional services and software to give a complete solution. Their services offered everything from procuring tablets, software, mobile device management, and completely customized enclosures. They also offered a pdf catalog as a lead capture tool. Lead capture was a critical function of their website, their sales team had a good track record so once they got a qualified lead on the phone, they worked their magic.

Despite this fantastic supplement to their hard product, most of their traffic was still flowing to their products page. We decided this was a perfect place to start running some tests and see if we could improve some clickthroughs to their services.

When assessing a website for underperforming areas, we prioritize three things. Clarity, Legitimacy, and Visibility.


Many marketers favor fancy copy over a clear simple message. This often only serves to confuse your visitors and stifle their decision making process by making them think. Clear copy keeps visitors engaged in your offer.


Trust is essential in all relationships, especially online. Demonstrating your legitimacy builds trust and keeps your visitors moving forward on your site. But since they have a picture of LeBron James rocking a their product for every shoe in his store, we won’t need to worry about legitimacy on this one.


This is a close relative to clarity, and should be obvious. If your visitors can’t see the critical button/product/form on your site, then it does not matter how clear to legitimate it is. You have a matter of seconds to capture and keep your visitors attention so make it easy for them to see what you want them to see.

Their homepage slider had two images directing visitors to the services section, one highlighting individual services and the other highlighting the services bundle. They called this bundle “the business in a box” based on the idea that it was a total solution for your business. We found this to be a little misleading and unclear what it really was. So we changed it to “All-in-One Solutions for your business”


A second treatment to increase clicks on that catalog button was moving the button from the top right of the page, to right below the slider. We ran an eye test using attention wizard and we found that it was not catching enough attention.

We increased its size and changed the call to action from “Catalog” to “Free Catalog Download” for a nice one-two punch of visibility and clarity improvement.

So what happened?

After nearly a month of testing we saw a nice 65% increase in traffic to the services page with a 96% statistical certainty.

We reported a very nice 146% percent increase in clicks on the catalog button with 100% certainty.

We used Visual Website Optimizer to run these tests.


Your website’s have very short attention spans, and are likely to miss your offer if it does not make sense or if they have to look hard to find it. Make sure the language you use to drive visitors to your pages communicates clearly the value of your offer. And make sure they can see it.

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